Earth Week Ahead…

In April, the Library will again offer a week of programs devoted to the idea of sustainability. No, it’s not “Green Week.” It’s Earth Week.   In the days preceding the 42nd Earth Day, a wide variety of activities, including workshops, a film,  author visit, and info expo/market will offer you a chance to learn, discuss, and practice different aspects of sustainability. Some of us don’t really care for the term green. Hopefully, the ideas behind these programs aren’t about “greenness.” They’re about  sustainability. To use the words of someone who writes extensively on the subject of sustainability, “sustainable” means just what it says. Something’s sustainable if it can continue. Forever.” Green, on the other hand, is a term that can be thrown around for political advantage, fashion, or even marketability.

True sustainability is difficult. We can’t change everything overnight, and it makes no sense to try and guilt folks into change. But small steps added together can lead to big change. We can see these steps being taken all around us. If we, as individuals, need a little help making a difference, it’s programs like these that offer guidance and chances for collaboration. Join us in April. You don’t have to be green, just interested.

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