Early Literacy, Let’s Play!, and You!

Next week begins Ottawa Hills’ Let’s Play! workshops. These are part of Family Place Libraries, and we are gearing up for a fun five weeks! There is still time to register, though not a lot of space left, so register soon. Remember, if you are unable to register for this session, the Main Library will begin theirs in February, and Madison will begin theirs in April.

Along with and as part of the workshop, the Grand Rapids Public Library loves to remind families of the importance of early literacy. In each location, we have spaces that are dedicated play spaces that kids and their caregivers can use and practice the five aspects of early literacy: Talking, Writing, Reading, Playing, and Singing! We encourage:

Talking with your kids everyday about the objects they’ve seen, activities they participated in, the color of their clothes!

Writing, whether it is with actual pencils or crayons or just practicing by holding on to various items (like a rattle!), building those small muscles, and developing fine motor skills.

Reading books every day!

Playing dress up, restaurant, puppets! Anything and everything! Use YOUR imagination and encourage your child to use theirs, too.

Singing simple and silly songs, ABC’s, their name!


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