Don’t Miss Wade Rouse next Tuesday, July 27th

Wade Rouse, one of my favorite authors, will do a program for GR Reads. “Me, My Mom and Erma” on Tuesday, July 27th at 7:00pm in the Ryerson Auditorium on the third floor. Rouse will discuss how the three H’s – humor, heartbreak and honestly – are intimately intertwined and define his memoirs, and how he learned to laugh at life and overcome his fears – which is what holds us all back from pursuing our passion and true happiness – from his two greatest teachers: his mother and Erma Bombeck. Rouse’s lecture will weave in the writing process, his road to securing an agent, working with a major publisher (Random House) and what its like to be an author today. Rouse will read from At Least in the City Someone Would hear Me Scream, one of the ten books selected for GR Reads. Come prepared to laugh, learn and maybe cry (not necessarily in that order)!

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