Dead and Loving It

In the past few years you may have noticed a plethora of vampire books staking their claim on the shelves.   Not to be outdone werewolves got their paws into the market, and then the legions of undead took up residence in our brains.   Is it any wonder that books about the just plan old deceased  got shoved six feet under?  Okay, I’ll kill the puns, but I am going to recommend some great books dealing with the afterlife.

Everlost is the first book of Neal Shusterman’s Skinjacker trilogy deals with the idea of death in a very unique way.  Allie and Nick are in opposite cars of the same crash are both killed in the first few pages of the book. Unfortunately for these they get sidetracked on their way into the light and end up in Everlost, a limbo where no one over the age of 17 ever appears.   While Nick is satisfied with staying in Everlost forever Allie will stop at nothing to make it back home.  Everlost takes a very different and entertaining look at the afterlife; I highly recommend setting aside the vampire novels for a bit and taking a look.

Alright so technically the main character is a demon as opposed to being dead, but he does take possession of a boy about to die.  Repossessed by A.M. Jenkins is hilarious read, following the exploits of a demon who has escaped from Hell and taken over the body of a 17 year old boy.  During his vacation for the Inferno the demon is determined to rack up as many human experiences as possible before being dragged back to the underworld.  The best part; he’s a better human than the teen boy whose body he’s stolen.

Elsewhere follows the story Liz Hall, a girl who was killed after being hit by a taxi while riding her bike.  Liz wakes up in a mysterious world, which sorta resembles Earth, but also not at all.  Liz soon learns that in the afterlife the aging process works backwards while she meets deceased relatives and forms relationships with those around her.

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