Curious what your library staff is reading?

Need a new book to read? In case you can squeeze in one last summer read before the hustle of the holidays sneaks up on you, here are some suggestions from your local library staff. These are books we’re currently reading and enjoying!

Some Like it Hawk by, Donna Andrews

A clever, humorous fiction mystery and the 14th in Andrews’ Meg Lanslow series, this new book follows the townspeople of Caerphilly as a big-wig executive is shot amidst the purchase of the bankrupt town, and a charming who-dunnit-story unfolds.

Midnight in Peking by, Paul French

The real-life cold case is reopened in this grim story, after the mutilated body of an Englishwoman is found in the slums of formerly Peking China in the 1930’s. Follow this gripping murder mystery within the greater context of the Japanese occupation of China, sure to bring suspense and intrigue to any reader.

The One and Only Ivan by, Katherine Applegate

A suggestion from our children’s department, this endearing book, inspired by a true story, tells the tale of Ivan the silverback gorilla and Ruby, a baby elephant, who live in captivity in a circus-themed mall and eventually find their way to freedom. Told from the perspective of the animals in poignant words, children are sure to gain new perspective on their own humanity.

Awaken by, Katie Kacvinsky

An extreme dystopian reality for our teen lit lovers, this book presents the future in the year 2060, where people hardly ever leave their homes and live their entire lives online. Follow Maddie,  whose father invented the Digital School that she attends, as she begins to grapple with the isolation of technology and a rising anti-digital movement that’s growing in her school.

Positively Fourth Street by, David Hajdu

Enjoy this fascinating non-fiction book about the birth of folk rock and follow the true-life stories and relationships between Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, her younger sister Mimi Baez Farina, and Richard Farina. A group biography about some of the key musicians who revolutionized folk and folk rock in the 60’s.

Pure by, Andrew Miller

Set in late 18th century Paris, the fictional Jean-Baptiste Barratte is a young engineer responsible for exhuming the ancient burial remains of a pestilent cemetery, literally bursting at the seams with foul smells and body parts, to save the neighborhood from encroaching disease. Enjoy his philosophical journey into the nature and death of man, as he takes on this grim task with zeal and charm.

Lone Wolf by, Jodi Picoult

Picoult’s newest fiction drama and another page-turner (as always), this novel follows two children with different perspectives on sustaining the life of their father, now on life-support after a devastating accident. Moral dilemmas of the heart and relationships are explored at depth in this gripping story.

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