Create a Dream Writing Contest: Winners

The library is excited to have a writing contest because reading and writing go together. Both are ways to represent spoken words and to communicate information. Thank you for sharing your dreams.  We enjoyed reading them.  All the entries were winners, but we chose three entries to award Pooh’s gift certificates.

Here are the top three entries:

“Time Machine, The Big Surprise”  by Beckett, age 8

Blue, red, and green lightning flashed across a black square of time.  I pushed open the windshield of the time machine I was in.  I realized that I was on Mars.  On the dusty red rocks, I noticed a foot, in a large, old shoe about three feet away.  I looked up to see an old man with gray, curly hair sticking out on the sides with no hair in the middle, a medium length gray mustache, tattered gray and white clothes, and an eerie grin.  He came up to me and asked me my name.  I told him and he told me his.  I told him my Mom’s name and he told me his Mom’s name.  Then we told each other our birthdays.  They were the same.  The old man told me I looked like him when he was a kid.  He said he used to have blond hair and dark blue eyes, just like I do, now.  He said he remembered my clothes – a gray tank top and silver shorts with black slip-on shoes.

“Wait,” he said, “then we must be the same person.”  I felt shocked and excited.  My heart beat with amazement.

“You’re right!  We are the same person!”  I cried with surprise.  My time machine was made of a plastic kit that my Mom bought for me from Kmart called “Make Your Own Time Machine.”  I’d been working on it for only about two hours.  I set the time and pushed the dials to say 2066.  Let’s just say being on Mars with my future self in my future home blew the eyeballs out of my head.  My future self was standing only a few feet from his house.  It was white and small.  I looked over his shoulder and through the window, and asked “Do you have a TV?”

“Do you mean TCN?” he asked.

“TCN?” I asked.

“Television Category Network – a TV powered by lava rocks.”  He told me, “Do you want to hear about more?”

“Certainly,” I said.  “But first let’s watch some TCN.”

He led me into his house.  Inside was white and it only had four windows.  He had a small living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.  He said that he really didn’t need a lot to live.  We sat down on the couch and he brought out some sodas in red cans called SomeMars Soda.  Then, we drank them while we watched MoonBall – a sport game played on the moon.  Basically all the players did was throw rocks into a net.  After the game, I said good bye to Future Beckett. “Be careful.  The sun likes to hit sparks around on this planet.  Before you go,  I need to give you some advice.  Don’t try living on Mars.  Live on Earth, ” he said.

“That’s what I’ve been thinking all along!” I said, happy to finally get the words out of my mouth.

I gave him a hug and ran to my time machine and took off.

Create a Dream”  by Julia, age 12

The curtain goes up.  Suddenly, I find myself on center stage at a professional ballet performance.  Music starts and I instantly begin to dance;  I know the dance by heart and I close my eyes as I float with the music.  I twirl and notice my beautiful, light, pink, flowing skirt, but then I look around.  I am a typical girl in my dance class, standing at the barre, in my normal black leotard, pink tights, and size 7 ballet shoes.

“Oh well, ” I think.  “Someday that could be me if I pay attention now in class.”  I look at myself in the mirror-lined wall and notice a bobby pin poking out from my bun.  I smile and stick it back in.

“Time for splits, girls,” my teacher calls.

“Oh no,” I think, “the splits!” But then I envision myself as a professional dancer, my legs completely touching the floor and my body perfectly positioned;  I try to push down further.

“Good job, Julia,” my teacher says.  I beam.  I line up at the end of the room to do leaps.  My friend smiles at me as I line up near the front.  I love doing leaps.

As I continue with class work, I think about what all this practice is leading up to, and if it is really worth it.  I mean, I have tons of fun with my friends and I don’t really consider it work, more like play.  But is it worth it to go to class once a week, to do my best at all the steps, to learn a dance and then practice, practice, practice until I know it by heart, and finally to perfect it and perform it?  “Yes, it is worth it!”  I confirm in my mind.  It really is, to be able to tell people that I take a dance class, and to have the feeling of accomplishment after I perform a dance and it actually looks good, and to have everyone come up to me after a performance and say, ” You did a great job!”  And I know it’s true because I worked hard and made it happen, but more importantly I really did enjoy myself.  I spent time with people who had the same goal in mind as me, and expressed myself in a way I love.  This is not only true for me with dancing, which is my dream, but if anyone loves to do something, works hard, and makes it happen, they can share my sense of accomplishment.  If anyone dreams to be something, they should try to make that dream come true, by working at it.  No one should ever be too shy to follow his or her dreams, not matter how big or small.

Kid’s Adventure to the Moon” by Marie, age 7.5

My dream is to go to the moon.  I will be the first child to set foot on the moon!  I will have courage, faith, hope, and bravery!  Those things can never be stopped!

I will take my family: Liam/my brother, Alicia/Mommy, and Matt/Dad.  Me and other people will join together and vote that kids can go to the moon, and we will keep voting until it happens.

Then we will get a rocket, and 3-2-1 BLAST OFF!  I will make the engines burst on fire and make me go up, up, up until I reach space!

From the window, the Earth will look like a tiny, little green and blue marble.  I would be floating, and I might almost bump my head on the ceiling!  It will be a beautiful sight to see the big, white rock with craters–the moon! Oh, so lovely!

Then we will land.  The rockets will point down as we slowly move down towards the surface. Bump!

Then I will step out with my space suit on.  I would feel like I’m almost jumping when I didn’t really try.  I was only walking!  I would have weights in my boots so I don’t float upwards into the blackness of space.

While I was there, I would eat moon ice cream.  It will not be cold.  It will not melt.  You could make it into powder!  It comes in big chunks and in many flavors.  It would taste a little different than regular ice cream, but it still tastes yummy!

I would also look for the flag that first moon men put there.  It would be a dream come true! From that day on, I will have proved that children can go to the moon.


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    Oh my. So cute! Well done!