Count down to E-DAY!! Tues Nov 6th 2012

Are you ready?  To elect the next President of the United States of America? It could be the most important thing you’ll do this year, and it’s really quick and easy.  If you have not registered to vote you need to be registered 30 days before the election.  I check every election to see if I’m still registered (I always am, but why take a chance…) at

Since today (October 3rd) will be the first of the presidential debates, maybe the candidates will clarify their positions on important matters.  In any case, it’s must see TV to help us get ready to vote next month.

The Grand Rapids City Clerk’s Office has information on Absentee Ballots, the proposals, the ballots, and much more:

The Michigan Voter Information Center is very helpful in explaining the ballot proposals:

And Publius is adding new information to their site every day:

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