Could you text me that?

126 M… was that a 5..?   Argh!

Dewey call numbers probably mean something to someone, but can be like remembering your first high school locker combination to others.

If you’re like me, you jot down the first few digits with a golf pencil, but then rely on those numbers to get you close enough to find what you’re looking for, or maybe a title or two in the same vain that must be shelved in the same neighborhood, right?  A quick scrap of paper, and you’ll figure out what that scribble is when you get out to the shelves…  Now what was that title?  If only there was a better way to note that number…  Now there is!

When searching for a title in the catalog, next to the printer icon, you’ll now find a “TXT” icon.  That will allow you to text the call number (aka place on the shelf!) to your mobile device.  Give it a try, and leave the golf pencils in the cart where they belong.

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