Check out our Rain Garden!

Can’t get any better than this. Take a minute to enjoy the rain garden, outside of the Main Library, next to the parking lot! It’s not in full bloom, the Coneflowers aren’t out yet, but it’s still a beautiful site to see.  That just means that every day for the next few weeks there will be something new to admire.  Today when I stopped out, I was able to watch this butterfly hop from bloom to bloom:

The rain garden plants look like they have matured and filled in very nicely in the years since the staff  members on the Green Team planted them back on Earth Day 2008.  The garden is made up of native plants and flowers designed to help keep storm-water runoff out of the sewer systems.  So any runoff from our parking lot or the roof of our building, gets filitered through this system before flowing into the Grand River, unlike the water that goes directly into the sewer system. It is a great place to enjoy beauty and see how well we can work with mother nature.

One Response to “Check out our Rain Garden!”

  1. June 22, 2010 at 4:45 am #

    I can't believe how good it looks just after a few years. I'm really happy the library took measures to do this.