Charlie Sheen: Take One

Can you say “denial” ? Another celebrity behaving  badly…  Do celebrities help or hinder the puzzle of addiction?  Their antics seem to suggest that people dependent on a chemical substance have only their own self indulgent selves to blame, but is that really the case?   It’s only simple until you take a closer look.  And there’s a lot of interesting research going on with addiction.  New drugs, brain plasticity genetic research, neurobiology of addiction, and  how mind-body therapies and group support may be essential components of continued recovery.

The clues to the neurophysiology as well as psychology of  addiction may lead to breakthroughs in other brain conditions.  Meanwhile, a great page turner to pick up is Bill Manville’s  “Cool, Hip & Sober: 88 Ways to Beat Booze and Drugs” .  Put together from his radio show, “Addictions and Answers”, it’s filled with the uncut truth.

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