Change your brain, change your life

Great titles, yes? Three very different voices about the brain.  Perhaps  Dr. Amen’s books should be taken with a pinch of salt.  When he wrote that his own brain scans were much healthier after his divorce, (and re-marriage to a younger, nicer woman)  it made me wonder about the diagnostic ability of scans.  He’s been listed on “Quack Watch“, and has annoyed parts of  the medical community with some of his inflated claims, but there is still an amount of  thought provoking and practical material here.  No such controversies with Dr. Daniel J. Carlat, senior editor of the “Carlat Report“, and  whose book, “Unhinged“, takes a close look at the relationship between drug companies and doctors.  Useful and v. humorous!  And then, for the true science reader, V.S. Ramachandran’s new book looks at where the cutting edge brain research is going.

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