Celebration of the Book is for Teachers and Parents, Too

The library is a great place to meet others in the community.   Celebration of the Book on October 17th provides this plus an opportunity to discuss issues that affect our kids.
How can we promote respect for one another?  How can we teach this to our children?  How do we interest kids in reading?

Join panel members Debra Muller, Native American Storyteller;  Shay Kraley, Coordinator of the Family Literacy Program at Literacy Center of West Michigan;  Mursalata Muhammad, Associate Professor of English, GRCC; and Lori Owens, Literacy Training Coordinator, Schools of Hope at United Way as they answer these questions.

In this panel discussion for educators, parents and interested community members, a variety of experts talk about strategies for raising readers, and present specific titles, such as Joseph Bruchac’s Turtle’s Race with Beaver, to introduce your children or students to cultural diversity.

Wednesday,  a headline read “New security measures greet students returning to Grand Rapids” Creston High School after two gun incidents in two days.” What can we do as parents, teachers and community members to protect our kids and schools?

Attending the session by  Dave Cullen , the author of the bestselling Columbine, may provide some ideas and certainly an opportunity to discuss what he talks about with others.  If we can learn from what has happened before, he is the leading authority on the Columbine killers and has also written extensively on Evangelical Christians, politics, and pop culture.

Pooh’s Corner and Schuler Books & Music will be selling books that are featured.

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