Celebration of the Book and the Online Reading World!

For readers, the online presence has boomed over the past several years. We can rate and review titles on sites like goodreads.com.  We have been able to order books and see what others suggest if you like a title on amazon.com.  We can even read reviews online now.  If all this is new to you, you’re still learning, or you would like to hear how others are using the internet to promote and review books,  join us on October 17 for Celebration of the Book and our panel who will discuss all of these things. Bill Castanier, literary journalist for The Lansing City Pulse and writer for mittenlit.comKaren Dionne, author and co-creator of bksp.org, and Cory Grimminck, Director of Hillsdale Community Library and blogger will discuss the way they use the online world to do just these things!

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