Remember Reaganomics? Agree with the concept or not, you gotta admit, the name caught on, and has worked for more than a few. There was Clintonomics (the opposite of its predecessor, I’m guessing?), Freakonomics (hugely popular), and Wikinomics. Evidently, one way to quickly elucidate the meaning your business book is to attach your handiest adjective to the popular suffix and, voila!

Both new titles deal with the wonderful world of social media. There’s no doubt that the landscape has been permanently changed by our ability to instantaneously publicize, advertise, criticize, or advise. These books aim to help readers navigate the new world of instant communication. Socialnomics targets business owners and marketers, offering insight into the importance of social media and how to best use it.

For those of you who follow the latest economic news, Tweetonomics is an invaluable tool for keeping up with the experts. It’s a short, concise glossary of economic terms, all described in 140 characters or less. You don’t even need to know about Twitter to appreciate the brevity of these bite-sized explanations, but if you do, your future tweets’ll impress your colleagues (or professors).

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  1. February 15, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    Have you ever noticed, too, how book COVERS sometimes follow a trend? For instance, there are many books right now with silhouettes (think Little Bee) or white backgrounds with the title in different bright colors (think Room).