Best Books for Baby?

So, you know that its important to spend time reading with your baby, but aren’t quite sure what books you should be reading? Take a look at a few elements that make a book one of the best books for your baby.

Books with bright colors – While their ability to see colors is still developing, infants are very drawn to books where the bright colors are very easy to see. This preference for bright colors usually lasts long into their toddler and preschool years.

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Books with rhymes, rhythm, and repetition – Books with phrases that repeat through out a book, and books that can be sung, are easy for little ones to learn. These are the books that your child will eventually be able to help “read” and will be able to sing along to. Excellent for developing their verbal skills.

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Touch and Feel Books – These books allow infants to explore and learn different textures in a very laid back, non-threatening environment. The interactive element to these books has them coming back time and time again.

Identification Books – Books that label body parts, or items that babies see in their day to day lives, not only help to teach babies the names for all of these items, but also help to build their vocabulary.

Books you love – Share books that you loved reading as a child. If you enjoy reading the book, you will be more likely to pick it up and read it with your child. Ultimately, the best books for your baby are those that you love to read with your baby.

Want more ideas as your child continues to grow? Check out some of the reading lists in these books:</a>    <a href=

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