slice of raw bacon

Bacon by SliceOfChic from Flickr's Creative Commons

The internet loves bacon according to an article on MSN. And I have to agree. I spend probably too much time on the internet and, over the last few years, bacon has blown up. What started out as a few clever recipes and the odd decorative item has now become big business. There are bacon candles and air fresheners. There is bacon toothpaste, dental floss, and bacon toothpicks. There is bacon perfume. There is bacon pop. There are bacon bandages, bacon soap, and bacon lip balm. Bacon candy bars (which are delicious). And honestly, there are too many bacon recipes to list them all.


The library has your back (even though American bacon is made from pork belly) on bacon recipes and lore, too:

Seduced by bacon: recipes & lore about America’s favorite indulgence by Joanna Pruess with Bob Lape

Bacon: a love story: a salty survey of everybody’s favorite meat by Heather Lauer

Everything tastes better with bacon: 70 fabulous recipes for every meal of the day by Sara Perry

The bacon cookbook : more than 150 recipes from around the world for everyone’s favorite food by James Villas

The art of charcuterie by John Kowalski and the Culinary Institute of America


If you aren’t a bacon lover, we also have tons of books on vegetarian and vegan cooking.

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