Babytime Class Enthusiasm!

Wow, we are already mid-way through our 8 weeks of babytime classes for the winter schedule. The energy and enthusiasm remains high as we sing, we talk, we play and we read together. These basic but essential skills are the building blocks of learning that help your child get ready to read!

One of our moms shared recently that as soon as she pulls in the library parking lot and gets out of the car, her daughter starts singing our weekly song “Tick-Tock”! And this past Halloween we even had some cute monsters, ballerinas, ducks and dinosaurs show up to class!

Allison with her mom Kim and Lucy with her mom Laura during the Halloween edition of babytime class at the Seymour location.

Miles, aka baby dinosaur, and his mom Stacey are eager to begin.











Our pre-reading classes for babies, toddlers, and kids are all free!  Check out the Grand Rapids Public Library’s website to see a list of the classes offered at your favorite Grand Rapids Public Library location.


One Response to “Babytime Class Enthusiasm!”

  1. April 16, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

    Is there anyway the library could hold a Babytime on Friday's? I would love to take my daughter, but that is the only day of the week that works for us.