Babies go out!

I had the pleasure of meeting two young moms with their bright-eyed babies in the library recently.  They were looking for the Pre-Reading Class for Babies in the youth area, this was their first visit with their little tykes.  Seeing these young smiling moms and happy baby expressions on the sweet faces took me back in memory and made me smile.  Obviously they all slept through the night and babies just had their naps-this was a good day!  I remember as a young mom the conflict within…do I go to all the work to take Baby out to interact with other life forms, or wouldn’t it be easier to just stay in?  I craved grown-up talk and the world beyond the house, going visiting often depended on who slept through the night and if Baby had napped.  Usually  its worth the effort for the child to socialize, explore the greater world and mom/dad to have some adult conversation.  I personally know a twenty-something gal whose closest friends are still those she met as a toddler in a social play group.  Pre-Reading Class for Babies and Toddlers exposes them to pre-emergent literacy skills, the early experiences preparing them for language learning and reading.  You will enjoy rhymes, songs, and storybooks as you cuddle your baby.  Toddlers can sing and play more physically with their stories and then do a craft. Here are two new books which brings these play and learn activities home: Child’s Play, Montessori Games and Activities for Your Baby and Toddler by Maja Pitamic.  These are activities which explore the senses, use coordination and physical movement.  See also 365 Games  Smart Toddlers Play by Sheila Ellison which brings enriching activities into the daily routines of home life.  Moms and Dads, give yourself a break from chores and take your little one out to play and learn!

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