Is there an app for that?

appsIt seems there is an app for everything. I recently was alerted of an app from Zero to Three called Let’s Play! I, first, chuckled (since the library has the Let’s Play! Workshops), then looked over the app and decided to download it. The app breaks activities such as chores, boredom busters, meal time and more into three age groups, 0-18 months, 18-36 months, and 3-5 years. By picking an age group then an activity topic, it offers many suggestions on what to do with your child and what skills the activity is teaching. is another app I have downloaded. When looking for a secondary carseat, I once again did my research. Somehow, I came across this app. It offers information on safety, carseat features, shopping, and many message boards. Broken farther down, there are discussions and lists of reviews, buying and selling used seats, travel systems and strollers, and much more. After downloading the app, you must register, which includes finalization taking you to I find the website a bit clunky, but the app does have useful information.

A friend told me about toddlerlock. This locks your phone of all other apps and programs. Kids can touch the screen which causes different shapes to appear and sounds to hear.  By dragging their finger, kids can also draw. This one can be not only fun for your kids, but it presents a wonderful opportunity to talk about the different shapes and colors you are both seeing on the screen. has various lists on apps for pregnant moms, toddlers, and preschoolers. I know I find the app store daunting and overwhelming, so having lists like these can help to choose ones that might be useful. Oceanhouse media has a lot of wonderful reading and book apps for kids, too.

For more information about kids, apps, tablets…check out some of these titles.

iPad apps for kids for dummies by Jinny Gudmundsen

A parent’s guide to the iPad: in easy steps by Nick Vandome

iPad for kids: using the iPad to play and learn by Brian Proffitt

The rough guide to the best android apps by Andrew Clare

But lest you think I’m only promoting use of apps and computers and screen time, be sure to check these out, too!

The big disconnect: protecting childhood and family relationships in the digital age by Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D

Rewired: understanding the tech generation and the way they learn by Larry  D. Rosen


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