And who do you think is going to comb my hair!?

“The Funeral Director?  his wife answered”   [What Anastasia should have said to Christian Grey in “50 Shades of Grey“]

It had been a week of unfortunate associations.  The same week that illuminated the continuing popularity of acid attacks on Pakistani women not deemed submissive enough by their suitors or husbands, also featured more of E. L. Jame, and her trilogy of the trials of a young woman and her sadistic (but hot!) companion, Mr. Grey.  After reading a few plot points, I began wondering how she ultimately kills him. Baseball bat? Parking lot hit?  Bondage gone wrong?  But it seems he lives to see another day since there are 2 sequels out already.

I’d recently read 2 of John Sandford’s novels, Certain Prey, and Mortal Prey,  featuring a hit woman who evens up the score with many bad men, and I thought, “Where’s Clara Rinker when we need her?  She could have put the troubled Mr. Grey and his long suffering paramour out of their misery, and gone back to working for the mob….     Well– that was my fantasy anyways.

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