And while you’re waiting for the next Potter movie…

You may want to consider reading a wonderful comic in the meantime, Thieves and Kings.  I first got hooked on this comic while browsing the shelves at Magnum Opus and found an interesting cover of a young boy.  Atop a bed, he was reenacting a fight scene with a bandaged rib cage, a cane, and an imp on his shoulder.  This sums up the story pretty well as Rubel (the boy) is a thief that encounters many perilous adventures with Varkias, his imp friend.

It’s a crazy story.  His heart belongs to the red sorcoress, a semi-immortal girl that is reborn every time she is killed.  She tries to avoid her sister, Sorcia, who is in league with evil magicians, but sometimes becomes confused with the ones she is fighting, such as Quinton.  Quinton is also an immortal magician that comes off as a scatterbrained and delusional, but seems to always have luck on his side.  He  is also trying to teach Heath how to use magic, who Sorcia may or may not be trying to kill.

Thieves and Kings is one of those great stories that starts out as if you should already know everything that has happened.  The characters are not introduced into amazing roles and creatures  in front of your eyes- such as in Spider-Man or The Wizard of Oz- but are actually fairly comfortable with them (except for Heath, who is just learning her magical powers).  This works well in situations such as when Rubel and Sorcia enter Cespinarve’s dream (an ancient dragon that has such vivid dreams that when you die -or are close to death- you are transported inside).

Thieves and Kings also has an amazing underlying story about what it means to be powerful.   Quinton is used to illustrate this the most.  As the evil sorcerers are blasting walls down and reattaching their hands after they’ve been cut off, Quinton uses the the feelings of love and caring to accomplish amazing results.

But I won’t go through too much here.  Luckily you can check out the first six issues in book one of Thieves and Kings:

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