And we rallied! (for Michigan Libraries)

Rallying at the state capitol.

Hundreds of library supporters converged on Lansing yesterday to Rally for Michigan Libraries, and our senators and representatives heard their voice!

Michigan Library Association President Larry Neal led the rally which featured speakers from the business, university, genealogical, homeschooling, and legislative worlds.  Rally attendees next swarmed the Senate gallery, filling the chamber with bright red shirts and letting their senators know that they wouldn’t be shushed about cuts to funding.  Then all those red shirts dispersed to various legislative offices to speak to representatives, senators, and their staff about the importance of library funding and the role the Library of Michigan plays in providing library service to all of Michigan’s residents.

It’s not too late to show your own support for Michigan libraries.  While the Governor amended her Executive Order to preserve key Library of Michigan collections, state aid to public libraries remains at risk as legislators work toward balancing the budget.  The State Aid to Public Libraries Act 89 of 1977 requires that libraries receive $1.50 per capita or $15.4 million. Libraries in the state currently receive 96 cents per capita or $10 million. The Senate-passed budget cuts reducing library funding to $7.5 million, less than half of what is statutorily required by law.

Show your library love and help us make sure that libraries remain a vital resource in our community.

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