And The Biggest Loser is…..

Don’t read if you are interested but have yet to find out. I’ll allow some spoiler space…

Biggest Loser

I wish I could say I was one of those people who didn’t watch reality tv, but I do, so I’m not. I don’t watch many (aside from HGTV beingĀ  my fall back channel, but that is different!). A few years ago, I was lured into The Biggest Loser. My sister had been watching it for several seasons and would often talk about it so I decided to check out an episode, just one. I knew I could succeed! The first season Survivor was on I didn’t even make it through an entire episode before turning it off! I would not become addicted to The Biggest Loser! Right. I think I am on my fourth season of watching. These people are inspiring! I often think, as I’m lying on my couch watching, if they can do these workouts while morbidly obese, I can do a few exercises along with them….is there ice cream in my freezer?

The trainers, Bob Harper, Dolvett Quince, and former trainer Jillian Michaels, can be tough, but they get to root of the problem. They really do help change these peoples lives. I worked with a personal trainer for a short time, and he was hard enough on me. What a horrendous exhilarating challenge it would be to workout with one of these trainers for a day!

This season has been particularly interesting for our state and greater Grand Rapids in particular. There were several contestants from Michigan. Two of them, a brother and sister, even made it to the finals, and they are from Rockford! Other seasons have had contestants from Michigan. Sadly, our state does rank pretty high in obesity statistics. So, it is actually good we have many contestants.

The Biggest Loser is first and foremost a television show rooted in helping people change their lives. It is also, though, a game, and some seasons the game has been played more vigorously than others. I hate to admit that I felt this season was the worse when it came to playing that game. I wanted to remind some players that they were there to lose weight, get healthy, regain control of their lives and not to play a petty game. It was played, but more importantly, the weight was lost, and congratulations to…..Rockford’s own Jeremy Britt!

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