An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

red and green applesAs much as I might like to believe that the daily ingestion of fruit would keep me from ever needing to see another doctor, I know there is no quick fix to completely prevent illness or injury. Despite all my best efforts in diet and exercise, I still find myself at the doctor’s office every few months needing to know information like if my clogged sinuses are an infection or my allergies. I take it on faith that my doctor is going to provide me with appropriate, but not excessive, care and testing.

On Wednesday, a group of medical organizations piloted by the National Physicians Alliance released the Choosing Wisely campaign. This initiative was created to promote dialogue between patients and doctors and help them work together to make wise treatment choices. In a world of finite medical resources and increasing insurance costs, it is vital that patients become educated health consumers and doctors become stewards of these vital resources. One way the Choosing Wisely campaign is hoping to achieve these ends is through the creation of lists, “Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question”, to improve care and prevent unnecessary testing.

The library also offers a number of current, up-to-date medical resources. I’m sure everyone knows we have books on medical subjects ranging from diabetes to back pain and more. But did you know the library subscribes to databases like Health and Wellness Resource Center and Health Reference Center Academic? There is even a GRPLpedia page to help navigate the murky waters of medical information found on the internet. Before you know it, you too could be a savvy health consumer working as a partner with your doctor to get the best medical care personalized for you.

Of course an apple a day can’t hurt, now can it?

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