An adventure for your favorite furry friend

When I was a child, I slept every night with a teddy bear. My first bear was a small Care Bear but I later upgraded to a Heart to Heart Bear. I vividly remember the glamorous bedroom with canopied bed in this commercial so I suppose I was influenced by the marketing efforts aimed a children. I still have “Bear” (wasn’t my name creative?) and I imagine his heart would still beat if I put some fresh batteries in it. I loved the beating sound and would listen to it when I was feeling scared or wanted to block out some strange noise in the night.

This week your child and her favorite* stuffed animal friend are invited to a special sleepover. The kids and their furry friends will do fun activities together and then the stuffed animal gets to have an adventure of its own! The stuffed animals will be staying in the library without their kids for a sleepover. While the kids are off at home, the librarians will take good care of the animals. The next day that the library is open kids can pick up their animals along with a special memento.

As much fun as I think this creative event will be, I have yet to convince my own 4-year-old to participate!

*Actually, for the sake of bedtime peace, you’re better off suggesting the second favorite attend this event!

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