All I want for Christmas is a better ACT score…

Do you know any high school juniors or seniors who are preparing to take or retake the ACT? Or perhaps you are one yourself? Don’t miss your chance to better understand and prepare for this important test!

I know after my first try – just winging it really – I signed up for a second test to try to get a higher score that would have meant thousands of dollars more toward tuition at the college of my choice. Unfortunately, I did not take a class from the professionals and ended up with the same score a second time. I actually improved in several specific areas but dropped in others resulting in the same overall score.

Does “class from the professionals” sound a bit too expensive for you? It usually is around $150. Good thing we’re offering one for free here at the Main Library on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 12:00 pm. Class will start promptly at 12:00 pm (just like the actual ACT test starts promptly) so plan on getting here early.

There are two requirements:
1. You must be a high school junior or senior with a Grand Rapids Public Library card
2. You must register in advance (there’s limited space available)

What to expect? Everything you need for a better score:
• content review
• reading comprehension techniques
• testing tactics
• specific ACT strategies
• a free copy of Barron’s ACT

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