Thin Ice: Coming of Age in Grand Rapids

Last night was a wonderful event with the editors and eight of the writers from Thin Ice: Coming of Age in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Editor Gordon Olson read selections from the historical writings of Albert Baxter and Charles Belknap. Editor Reinder Van Til read¬† selections from Roger Wilkin’s “Technicolor Paddy” and Max Apple’s “Rocky and Me.”¬† Glen Peterson, John Otterbacher, Robert Vander Molen, Hank Meijer, Charles Honey, Tom Rademacher, Levi Rickert, and Kaye Longberg read from their own essays. Their stories of growing up in Grand Rapids were warm and intimate, often humorous and sometimes satirical. I loved the references to local landmarks like the Glass Hut on Michigan, Houseman Field and the Bissell House. If you haven’t already read this book, grab it right now and settle in for a long afternoon of reading.

Reinder Van Til

Gordon Olson

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