A Day to Remember

Photo by Flickr user THEMACGIRL*.

Many girls start dreaming of their wedding day when they are little. They dream of the perfect day that they will remember forever. However, most of these little girls don’t expect the unscripted parts of that special day that actually make the memories even stronger.

If you’ve seen the news lately or even the Yahoo! main page, you’ve probably heard about the wedding party that fell into Gun Lake when the pier they were standing on for pictures collapsed. If you haven’t seen it, click here to watch the video.

While I didn’t fall into a lake, my wedding had it’s own little snafu that I’ll never forget. The wick of the unity candle was trimmed too short. When we tried to light it from the other candles, they kept dripping wax onto the unity candle wick and it just wouldn’t light. Thank goodness it was not a sign of things to come since we have now been married six years and are going strong! Now we look back and laugh, but there was a fleeting moment of panic at the time.

You can’t plan every second of your wedding and reception, but you can put every effort into making the day a beautiful beginning to a hopefully long life with your loved one. The library can help with all kinds of planning and advice books. Don’t stress over the small things. The wedding is just the first day of your marriage. Celebrate and have fun no matter what happens!

2 Responses to “A Day to Remember”

  1. June 29, 2012 at 7:58 am #

    My wife and I had the exact same snafu at our wedding, also six years ago. Our organist was a good improviser, and continued improvising while bemusedly watching us attempt to light the candle. He finally decided to put us out of our misery, ending the music. At that point, I turned around, made an "oh well" gesture toward the congregation, and everyone was able to share a laugh at the otherwise awkward situation.

    "Celebrate and have fun" is great advice. Also, please remember your guests: they're there to help you celebrate, and to show their continued support as you move to a new stage in your life. The best weddings are shared celebrations of a couple's commitment toward each other — they're more than just a chance to show off and live out a childhood fantasy (contrary to what Disney doctrine).

  2. July 2, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    We just tried to light the candle for a few moments and then turned around and stood in front of it so hopefully no one would notice. They did notice, but it made for good jokes later about how our marriage was doomed. It's been 6 1/2 years so far, so here's for many more years of unity despite the candle not lighting.

    Thanks for your point about the wedding also being about the guests. Many brides (and grooms) forget that. I kept that in mind as I put together the ceremony, and it really helped me stay connected.