Waste not, want not

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A new report out states that Americans waste $2,275/year by throwing out 40% of the food they purchase. I admit. I am guilty of this. Every time I clean out the fridge of the food not eaten, I feel ashamed and sickened by the amount of food I am tossing. My main excuse has always been that I live alone, and it is hard to cook for just one person. Of course, I have always known that even though that might be true, there are ways to curb the waste.

So, I will make it my goal to throw less out by buying less and keeping it local. I have used my slow cooker in the past; perhaps it is time to check out some new recipes that can stretch one meal into more.

Often people inquire if I have ever considered making a big pot of soup or pan of lasagna and freeze portions. I have tried this in the past and have failed miserably! I either do not put them in good enough containers or I forget the food is in there. However, I will persevere! My main concern here is using plastic containers containing BPA. (I found some brand names online, but I don’t want to appear biased, so google BPA free plastic containers to pick your poison!)

Leftovers always prove to be uninspiring. Well, the title of this book may just inspire to get more creative and USE those leftovers!

I have made it public so I must do it. Let my challenge begin! And let me know what are some ways you waste less food.

One Response to “Waste not, want not”

  1. August 30, 2012 at 7:42 am #

    "So, I will make it my goal to throw less out by buying less and keeping it local." Let's hope people in other parts of the country (or world) don't adhere to the "buy local" approach. It would seriously hurt local producers who depend on those markets. Protectionism equals failure. Find an example from history that proves otherwise.