Earth Week Viewing

During Earth week, we at the Library will be celebrating with a number of fun programs. We hope you make at least one, but if you can’t, you can celebrate through a variety of books and movies. Have kids? Take ’em to see The Lorax, or stay home, get out the popcorn, and watch Hoot or the oldie-but-goodie, Paddle to the Sea.

For those with more cerebral tastes, Earth Week would be a great time to choose a documentary on a timely topic, like local food, bottled water, or climate change. There are so many good books on sustainability besides the ones pictured. Here’s a list of writers you may enjoy:

Edward Abbey
Bill Bryson

Rachel Carson
Thomas L. Friedman
Jane Goodall
Barbara Kingsolver
Aldo Leopold
Bill McKibben
Michael Pollan
Henry David Thoreau

And for the baby boomers – remember the guy who was crunchy before crunchy was cool?  Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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