Next in Line: Woods Cop Series

I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to read books in series. When a new book in the series comes out I get really excited. One such series that is a bit lesser known is the Woods Cop series by Joseph Heywood.

The woods cop books feature Grady Service, a second generation Michigan DNR officer in the Upper Peninsula. He is fiercely protective of the many natural resources in his area. In the process of protecting these resources, he comes up against many colorful characters, both locals and visitors. How do you find out if someone was witness to a poaching when most of the witnesses are also poachers who won’t rat out one of their own?

A few summers ago I took my first trip to the UP. I had just finished reading the books that were published at that point. Imagine my excitement when one of the places we stayed for the night was the location of the DNR office Grady Service was based out of in the books! Joseph Heywood lives in Portage but is an avid outdoorsman and takes numerous trip to the UP. It shows in the books.

Right now, there are seven books in the series (start with Ice Hunter). In September book eight, Force of Blood, is due to be released. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, it should be just enough time to catch up!

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